Ever TechTM TT-114
Hot Mix Asphalt Additives


Product Description and Applications

Ever TechTM TT-114 is a low odor, high performance adhesion promoter for use in hot mix asphalt pavements. Ever TechTM TT-114 improves the bond between aggregates and asphalt, and overcomes the problems related to poor adhesion. HMA mixes treated with Ever TechTM TT-114 can display excellent resistance to moisture-related stripping and damage, resulting in longer lasting pavements. Ever TechTM TT-114 is added to asphalt at 0.8 to 1.5% by weight of the asphalt, depending on the asphalt and aggregate types.


Ever TechTM TT-114 has been evaluated by Chicago Testing Laboratory, Inc. an authoritative inde-pendent laboratory and has surpassed the ASTM D3625 test.


Typical Properties

Form Brown Liquid
S.G. @ 25 °C 1.03
Pour Point < -5˚C
Flash Point >150˚C
Viscosity at 10°C 20°C 30°C 40°C 50°C
In mPa.s 390 225 130 95 65


Standard Packaging/Shipping

Products are packaged as 180 kilograms in drums or 900 kilograms in totes. Ever TechTM TT-114 is not regulated by DOT as hazardous material.


Handling and Storage

Ever TechTM TT-114 is an organic inert liquid and should be handled with normal precautions used in good industrial practices for organic liquids.
It is recommended that products be stored indoors, in a cool, dry and well ventilated area. Mild heating to about 45˚C can improve the pumping.




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