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In 2012, the Chicago Testing Laboratory, Inc., which is one of the most authoritative road test centres in the world, released a report showing Ever TechTM hot mix asphalt additive surpasses the international standard of American Standard Specification D3625.
Ever TechTM asphalt additive technologies have been widely used throughout the world for many years. We proudly continue with the tradition of providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.


Ever TechTM asphalt high quality additives are suitable for all asphalts, including #70, #90, SBS modified and natural bitumen. Customers can build roads more effectively and reduce the production costs whilst creating a longer road life. Ever TechTM asphalt additives can be used in a wide range of applications including road construction, road maintenance and repair, waterproofing, and car painting.


Ever Tech’s professional consultant team provides pre-sales consultation and after-sales service which includes technical training on how to apply our various asphalt additives to road construction, road maintenance and repair, waterproofing, and car painting.


Our Three R (replace, return, refund) policy is applicable to all Ever TechTM products.


COMPANY GOAL – Fulfilling Our Dreams Together
Ever Tech’s goal is to work collaboratively and honestly with our customers ensuring they get the perfect product for their needs and the professional support to effectively apply the products.


We are genuine and honest with our clients. To ensure that clients receive maximum satisfaction our prices listed below are absolutely transparent and the dosage is honest and reliable.


Package: 180kg/drum, 900kg/tote