Ever TechTM AC-6
Slow Setting, Slurry Seal Cold Mix Asphalt Additives


Product Description

Ever TechTM AC-6 is a liquid and acts as an emulsifier to produce asphalt emulsion suitable for cold mix, slow setting applications. The emulsion produced can be incorporated into cold and wet aggregates.


Typical Properties

Form caramel liquid
Pour Point °C 12°C
Flash Point °C >175°C
Viscosity at 10°C 20°C 30°C 40°C
In mPa.s 8400 6500 3400 920
Specific Gravity at 20°C 0.993


Standard Packaging

Products are packaged as 180 kilograms in drums or 900 kilograms in totes.


Storage and Handling

Products must be stored in a dry, cool and well ventilated area. When handling the material, goggles and gloves must be worn. Avoid breathing in the vapour and contact with skin. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for safe handling procedures.



Ever Tech Limited, Hong Kong
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