Ever TechTM Asphalt Additives

TT-114 Hot mix asphalt additive – Road Construction

DT-18 Hot mix asphalt additive – Road Repair & Maintenance

DT-13 Warm/Cold mix asphalt additive – Road Repair & Maintenance and Automobile Paint

AC-6 Cold mix asphalt additive – Slow Setting Slurry Sea Road Repair & Maintenance

HM-130 Hot Mix Low Temperature asphalt additives – for road construction, road repair and maintenance


We Have Our Own Factory

The main ingredients for building asphalt roads are sands, stones (aggregates), and asphalt . However, if only these ingredients are used, the quality and integrity of the road is reduced and will quickly deteriorate from heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. This of ten results in repairs being required after a few months.

Road durability will be significantly improved when Ever TechTM asphalt additives are added to the aggregates in the correct proportion and when the roads are constructed to a high standard. When these conditions are met the roads will last for at least 4-5 years in extreme weather and heavy traffic, requiring no repairs in this time.

Ever TechTM is a low odor, high performance adhesion promoter. It is suitable for all types of asphalts including #70, #90, SBS modified and natural bitumen, to improve the bond between aggregates and asphalts.

We built our own factory in Thailand in 2015 to meet the growing demand of our products. A team of research staff is managed by Dr Eric Ho (PhD) who has over 30 years’ experience in the chemical industry. His knowledge and leadership ensures a high standard of quality control that exceeds the American Standard Specification D3625. Our factory enables us to dispatch orders within 7 days. This quick turn around means customers can confidently plan and meet tight project timelines.

Products Features and Performance

Ever TechTM asphalt additives can be applied to all types of asphalts and have the following benefits:

Adhesion In the mixing process, the additives increase the viscosity, binding strength and tenacity of the asphalt to the aggregates.

Road safety The additives have a water-proof feature that prevents anti-stripping between the asphalt and the aggregates, eliminating the formation of pot holes on the road surface. As a result, road safety is greatly enhanced.

Withstanding pressure The additives increase the tenacity of the aggregates, enabling the road to withstand high pressure from heavy traffic.

Heat stability The hot mix additives help the aggregates maintain heat stability during the paving process which prevents the aggregates from rapidly cooling down.

Flexibility The warm/cold mix additives provide a broader window when formulating emulsion from rapid to slow setting with or without petroleum distillate.

Road building costs The additives reduce the mixing time of the aggregates resulting in substantial savings on electricity and labour therefore reducing the road building and repair costs.

Road life The technology results in generating a strong bond and tenacity properties between the asphalt and the aggregates. This prevents erosion caused by rainwater, which increases the durability and integrity of the road, despite exposure to heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Test Results

After rigorous compression testing at a recognised construction materials testing laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand, the report data confirms the following results:

Rigorous Pressure test Concrete blocks containing Ever TechTM additive withstands pressure of more than 2 fold compared to those without the additive.

Mixing time Ever TechTM additive accelerates the as-phalt and aggregates mixing process which reduces the mixing time by at least a half. This saves energy and increases the production capacity.

Soaking concrete blocks in hot water Anti-stripping and pressure tests have been carried out after soaking concrete blocks in hot water. The data shows that the blocks containing Ever Tech’s additives has an anti-stripping rate lower than 2% and the pressure sustainability is 3-5 times higher than the blocks without the additive.

Usage and Dosage

For hot mix asphalts: The amount of additives required is approximately 0.8-1.5% of the total asphalt used. The process simply requires combining the recommended amount of Ever TechTM additive with the hot melted asphalt to form a hot asphalt mixture. After mixing, it can be used to build or repair the road.

For warm/cold mix asphalts: The amount of Ever TechTM additives required is approximately 0.5-2% of the total asphalt used for making emulsion.

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Package: 180kg/drum, 900kg/tote