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For over two decades, Ever Tech Limited’s consultants have been providing solutions to the chemical industries throughout the world. This includes China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and Europe. We have provided solutions to the community based on our strengths in science, technology, chemical expertise and experience.


Ever Tech has its own chemical plant in Thailand to manufacture asphalt additives for various uses in road construction, road maintenance and repair, waterproofing and automotive paint. Our additives are for hot mix asphalt and environmentally friendly warm mix and cold mix asphalts. In 2012, test results from Chicago Testing Laboratory, Inc., one of the world’s most authoritative road testing centers, showed that Ever TechTM hot mix asphalt additive surpasses international standards (American Standard Specification ASTM D3625).
Ever TechTM asphalt additive technologies have been widely used throughout the world for many years. We proudly continue with the tradition of providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.


Ever TechTM asphalt additives are of US technology, are high-quality products and low-cost. Ever Tech seeks to help clients build high quality roads with low production costs.

In addition to producing asphalt additives, Ever Tech also provides technology transfer and consultancy to various chemical industries. We have established turn-key factories and technology transfer for our clients in China and Indonesia.


Whatever size your project is, big or small, we strive to assist you to fulfil your goals and dreams.